Palawan is the western island province of the Philippines, composed of 1,700 islands. It is considered as “Man and Biosphere Reserve” and “the Last Frontier” but as well a “Biodiversity hotspot”. Habitat destruction, especially mining activities, and wildlife trade are increasing all over the province leaving its fragile ecosystems at stake.

Asian Small-clawed Otter (Aonyx cinereus) is the smallest among the 13 otter  species in the world. It is a carnivore mammal under Family Mustelidae, Subfamily Lutrinae. It is a nocturnal animal that feeds on small fishes, crabs, shrimps, and various kinds of shellfishes. Currently, it is listed as Vulnerable by IUCN.

In the Philippines, the isolated population of Asian Small-clawed otter in Palawan is the only known otter species in the country, locally known as “dungon”, “pangkat-pangkatan” or “fisher dog”. It is distributed all over the mainland Palawan usually observed along the rivers, streams, mangroves, estuary, roads, sand beaches, islands, fishponds, and irrigations.

Read our researches and learn more about the Asian Small-clawed Otter in Palawan!

8 thoughts on “About THE PALAWAN OTTER

  1. As Aquatic Biology student, I am concern about otter. It is our responsibility to conserve them. Don’t let them be endangered!!! I support otter conservation…

  2. Hi maam,

    We are about to implement forest and wildlife conservation here in PPC. otter is one of our target species of interest. Beside researches, any more suggestions what can we do for otters to conserved them in area? my colleagues and I have been working on plans for otter conservation but we want more ideas (specially from some experts like you) for a better implementation. …PM me at ejreptamp@gmail.com. thanks….Hope to hear something from you…

    • Thanks for keeping in touch… I am glad you are interested in research and conservation of otters. I would gladly help you in the implementation of your plans and will share my ideas. Will leave you message in your email or mobile.

  3. Hello, I would like to ask if there are ongoing studies regarding river otters in Barangay Iwahig, Puerto Princesa City right now?

    Thank you.

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